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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well hello everyone.
    I see they've changed blog spot a little. Now I am going to have to learn how to navigate and post once again. It has been quite a while since I've posted. Let's see what's been going on since I last posted.? 
    I've moved I think you all know that. My younger son got his driver's license, went to college near by so he commutes back and fourth. My older son has gone away to Anna Maria college visits occasionally. Since we moved in we lost our hot water tank within a month and it took 11 days to get a new one, so we had no hot water for awhile. That was no fun. After a week of being in here our dryer died. I am choreographing a play in Acton, Alice in Wonderland for ages 5-11. it's been a great experience, this is my first time attempting something like this. It's been fun. That goes up the week  end before Thanksgiving. I just started putting my stamping classes on in September. I've been working on some Fall cards and now working on Christmas cards for a Stamp -  Stack class I am having the week end after Thanksgiving. Here are a few of the cards i have been working on, oh yea my scanner also had to be unpluggeg for the summer because our Central air wouldn't work right when it was plugged in I hope it's not the same story with the heat and the scanner, we'll see soon.

 Well I wanted to post my cards that I have been working on but I can't get the scanner  to work so it will have to wait until I can get it working or my son helps me figure it out. So til next time.

Happy Stamping,