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Friday, June 7, 2013

When It Rains it Pours

Good Morning, welcome back,
      Ever had one of those months that everything happens at once? whether good or bad? Yeah you know the ones I mean, that was us last month. Just has the heat was coming in our central air went, and if you know my husband and the boys and some of you do, that wasn't going to fly, not to mention we live in a mobile home and it does get very hot, kinda like the green house effect. I'm more tolerant of the heat than they. 
      We had some one come out to look at it and we decided we needed a new central air system, o.k. Then our toilet kept overflowing and being plugged, now we needed a plumber, the plumber and the Central air people came on the same day . The plumber mentioned to us that our  floor under the toilet was collapsing because of how many overflows we had. Because of that our hot water tank could have been in trouble so we had the floor done that same day as the plumber and the central air, so the carpenter came he works right in the mobile home park.They are all fixed and doing well (knock on wood). Yay! About a week after that we noticed we weren't getting any hot water, Now we bought out hot water tank only two years ago, someone came out to look at it which was 4 days later good thing it isn't winter, and thankfully we just need a part and not a whole new hot water tank. The part will be coming this week, in the mean time he was able to get the hot water to work, hopefully it will continue til Thurs. I truly hope we are done with all this now and things will continue to work and no more break downs. We have only lived here for two years.
     I did make a name frame for my niece and her new husband who are getting married this weekend. I can't post it at the moment for she hasn't received it yet. I don't want to post it til after she sees it first. come back to visit to see it. Thanks for stopping by, til next time have a great day.