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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catalogs Recycled

Well hello everyone,
    welcome back. I have two days off and and seeing I can't talk to much due to this laryngitis thing that I seem to have I decided to make a few things. By the way my boys and my husband think this is pretty terrific lol. I can squeak a few words out here and there.
     Any ways I came across this in Stampin' Connection how to use your recycled catalogs. This is pretty good. I made three bags but it took me 5 times to make the first one right. What do you think pretty cute huh?
      I have to thank Maria Fennelly for her wonderful tutorial on how to do this, you can find her video at  I now have three bags that are ready to go for Christmas gifts, how cool is that? All I need to do now is create some cute little gift tags to match, but that's for another day.
       Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day , til next time.
Happy Stamping!