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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Date Night

   Well my hubby and I finally did a date night.  The day started out with running errands like taking the dog to the groomer ,grocery shopping which I absolutely hate doing, but hey we have to eat right?  
    Later I stopped off at Barnes and Nobles and decided that I needed a book for blogging. So I bought Blogging for Dummies because I know how to do some things but there is a lot I don't know, hopefully that will help me make this blog more entertaining and interesting. While we were at Barnes and Nobles I ran into a friend with her two girls and her husband, it was really nice to see her and her family , we talked and caught up for a while and then we each had to get going. It was really nice.
      It was Saturday night and the boys were gone so we decided to make it a date night . We had a gift card from Christmas to a Place called The Rhyme and Thyme it was good and quiet, the atmosphere was nice. After dinner we went off to the movies and we were like a half hour early , usually when we are that early, we keep ourselves amused by counting how many people are in the theater  you gotta laugh about it . We need to get a life. lol. We saw Silver Lining Play book with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. It was really good I loved it, it was comical and sad and it sure hit home in some areas of family life, such as mental health issues and sports fans within the home. In the end it was a feel good movie and our night ended on a nice evening. Thanks for stopping by and check back often to see what I am learning from my Blogging for Dummies Book as well as my stamping projects and classes. Til next time.
Happy Stamping