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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Ghoulish son and friends

Good morning everyone,
  Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend last week. It was so beautiful that my family and I spent  most of the time outdoors. 
  This weekend and week I've spent most of the time getting K.j . We my son and I ready for dress rehearsal for our annual dance recital. He had to shred a perfectly good suit to make it look old,I felt so guilty doing it, he did a good job though, one of the mother's gave K.J a suit that was her husband's and he couldn't use it anymore, so K.J could. Dress rehearsal was Sat and surprisingl shorter than I thought it would be. The recital is ending with a tribute to Michael Jackson and my son happened to be in the group that is doing Thriller. I was so impressed with the stage set up, dance routine, costumes, and make-up that I had to get a picture of it all, but of coarse I forgot my camera so one of the mother's sent me a few of the ones she had taken, thanks Diane. Don't they look great. I will be posting another one that is the ending pose in their dance on stage, they really look like real zombies. The teacher choreographed it similar to the video, but no one could do it like him but she stayed close and she kept the signature moves and steps. I can't wait to scrap book some of these photo, I think one page done with the picture in black and white will be cool. Hope you have a nice day,thanks for visiting,til next time.
Happy stamping